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Coffee exports in nine Latin American countries drop

Exports of Arabica Coffee dropped 2.21 percent in the first two months of harvest in nine Latin American countries says the National Coffee Association of Guatemala. Colombia, Mexico, El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Honduras, Costa Rica, Peru, and Dominica Republic exported 3.8 billion bags (60kg) between October and November. The only countries that have had growth were Colombia, Peru, and the Dominica Republic. In Colombia, exports jumped 47.5 percent. In Nicaragua, the drop was an incredible 79.5 percent. One of the main reason for the losses is a widespread rust in Central American crops.

Food inflation in Latin America is smallest in two years

The monthly food inflation in Latin America has the lowest level in two years with 0.1 percent in June, according to the United Nations Organization for Food and Agriculture. This is the first time that food prices decreased in over a year. The general inflation in the continent was 0.5 percent.

Costa Rica, Ecuador, Mexico, Dominica Republic and Uruguay had the most significant drop on food prices. Argentina, on the other hand, has shown the second highest increase with more than one percent inflation in the month on grocery stores. Venezuela had the average food prices increased by six percent.

Fao also says that Brazil and Colombia had no significant change on food prices in the month. Prior to June, Brazil took several step to fight food inflation such as lowering importing tariff and decreasing other sorts of production costs.


Colombian coffee production rises 28% in June

The Colombian production of coffee increased 28 percent in June compared with last year, according to Colombia’s National Federation of Coffee Growers. The country produced 913,000 bags (60 kg). Compared to May, on the other hand, production has fallen by 2.56 percent.

Considering the first semester, the Colombian coffee yields jumped 35 percent to 4.93 million bags. In 2012, Colombia had the worst coffee crop season in 2012. The country renewed 780,853 acres from 2010 to 2013. The Colombian coffee is known as one of the suppliers of Starbucks.

Colombia sets a revival of the coffee industry

After a renovation program of coffee plantations, Colombia is reviving of its major industries. The country was struggling with several pasts in the coffee fields, but now there is a recovery of production. The National Federation of Coffee Growers says that the production will be 2.24 million acres. For the third year in a roll, the production is in an area of overĀ  2.2 million acres. However, the yields are still smaller than in 2008, when the output was 2.3 million bags in the first five months of the year.

The production of the first five months of 2013, Colombia produced 4.03 million bags. From January to May, the country exported 3.7 million bags – 2.8 million above last year.