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Corn exports from Mato Grosso reach new record

A report from the Mato Grosso Institute of Agricultural Economics (Imea) revealed this week that corn exports from the Brazilian state of Mato Grosso reached a new record with 14.38 million metric tons shipped so far in the year. The average of the last five years was 13.40 million metric tons for the period. Total exports from the state would sum 17.14 million metric tons until the end of 2017.

Argentina’s ports will have strike for 48 hours

All Argentinian ports, including Buenos Aires and Rosario, will not work for 48 hours, affecting grain exports, starting tonight. Unions complain that maritime safety is treated as “just another commodity”. In practice, no barge will be able to leave the country in that period. Unions seek new regulations that would assure the safety of professionals in local ports, channels, and rivers.

Paraguay’s corn harvest reaches 25% of surface, says brokerage

Data shared by Conecta brokerage, which is based in Asunción, Paraguay, says that the country would produce up to 3.4 million metric tons of corn in this season. Early this week, the harvest of the cereal had reached nearly 25 percent of the surface planted, while approximately 30 percent of the expected production volume is sold. The brokerage estimates final stocks of Paraguayan corn at 1.4 million metric tons by December of this year.

Uruguay releases its grain stock numbers

The country of Uruguay has released its new official grain stock numbers. The South American country has 1.4 million metric tons of soybeans, 123,157 tons of corn and 305,140 tons of wheat. The majority of the soybean stocks are located in the region of Colonia, while there is more corn in Rio Negro. The data is from the Ministry of Livestock, Agriculture and Fishery.

Corn harvest in Brazil’s Mato Grosso goes faster as it mounts without storage

Pushed by days without much rain, the harvest works of the second corn crop advanced in Brazil to 16.2 percent of the total surface, according to consultancy AgRural. After an advance of 6.8 percentage points, there is still a delay of 20.5 percentage points compared to last year due to rains in several states. In Mato Grosso alone, the harvest reached 31.7 percent of the surface, while in Mato Grosso it did not advance to over 2.5 percent of the surface. Storage has been a growing problem in Mato Grosso with on farm mounting corn and capacity exceeded.

Corn harvest reaches 51% of surface in Argentina

A new report of the Buenos Aires Cereal Exchange reveals that the harvest has reached 51 percent of the planted surface in Argentina. The estimate of total production is still maintained at 39 million metric tons. The volume already harvested is 21.6 million metric tons. The yields have been higher than previously expected, but rains recently stopped the works in the Buenos Aires province. In one week, the works advanced just 2.4 percentage points.

Argentina: ag exports sum US$ 10.9 billion in the year

Argentina’s agricultural exports moved US$ 10.9 billion in the first six months of the year, according to data from the Center of Cereal Exporters. During last week alone, the sector moved US$ 308.7 million. Compared what was exported in 2016, it represents 45.6 percent of the sum of the whole year.

Weather favors corn harvest in Brazil, but delay persists in Paraná

The weekly report of Brazilian consultancy AgRural informs that the second corn crop harvest in the center-south of Brazil has advanced 4.5 percentage points to 9.3 percent of the total surface. There is still a delay of 12.4 percent compared to last year, but close to the average of the previous four years.

The major delay is in the state of Paraná, where less than one percent of the harvest finished and a forecast of rain in the last week of June that worries the farmers. In Mato Grosso, on the other hand, the harvest has gone at a faster pace reaching 21.3 percent of the planted area. In all other states, the works did not progress to more than six percent of the planted surface.

Paraguay wants export taxes on grains, including corn, soybeans, and wheat

The government of Paraguay has already sent a bill to the Paraguayan Congress that would impose taxes at a rate of 15 percent for all grains exported from the country. President Horacio Cartes believes he has enough votes to approve the measure in an agreement with the leftist opposition. Paraguay, today, is the fourth largest exporter of soybeans in the world with 6.3 million metric tons shipped. The argument of the Paraguayan government is that the agricultural sector has a revenue of over US$ 3 billion, but contributes less than other sectors of the economy. This year alone, the soybean output in Paraguay overcame 10 million metric tons.

In December of 2015, Argentina eliminated export taxes on wheat and corn. The result of the elimination was the doubling of wheat production and generating a growth of two percentage points of corn production. A program of reduction of export taxes on soybeans until its elimination in 2019 was also set.

Over 60 grain barges stuck in Rosario port (Argentina)

Because of a conflict that is extended for over four days, there are over 60-grain barges stuck in the region of Rosario, the main export port of Argentina, and that can generate losses of up to US$ 25,000 per boat. Workers of the oilseed complex of Rosario demand an update of the regional minimum wage. The total loss in these four days is estimated at US$ 1.5 million. There is no sign that the strike could be lifted anytime soon.