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Corn exports from Mato Grosso reach new record

A report from the Mato Grosso Institute of Agricultural Economics (Imea) revealed this week that corn exports from the Brazilian state of Mato Grosso reached a new record with 14.38 million metric tons shipped so far in the year. The average of the last five years was 13.40 million metric tons for the period. Total exports from the state would sum 17.14 million metric tons until the end of 2017.

Corn harvest reaches 51% of surface in Argentina

A new report of the Buenos Aires Cereal Exchange reveals that the harvest has reached 51 percent of the planted surface in Argentina. The estimate of total production is still maintained at 39 million metric tons. The volume already harvested is 21.6 million metric tons. The yields have been higher than previously expected, but rains recently stopped the works in the Buenos Aires province. In one week, the works advanced just 2.4 percentage points.

Wheat sets new record of exports in Argentina; volume beats soybeans

The volume of wheat exports in Argentina reached 8.9 million metric tons in the 2016/2017 season crop and would beat a new record, according to the Rosario Board of Trade. In the 2011/2012 season, the previous registered for the winter cereal, the sales reached a total of 13 million metric tons.

The Rosario Board of Trade forecasts that a record volume of corn would also be exported with the total of 24 million metric tons that would be sold abroad with the record reached by mid-June.

The bad news would just stay with soybeans. The oilseed has the worst sales in six years and total sales accumulated in the year is four million metric tons, which is less than wheat, and below the average of 5.85 million metric tons of the last five seasons. The reasons for the lower exports of soybeans is the local export taxes at a rate of 30 percent and also the lower price of the oilseed in the international market.

Agroconsult: soybeans sales in Brazil jump with favorable exchange rate

Soybean sales have advanced in Brazil because of a recovery of prices and a more favorable exchange rate in the country, according to a report from consultancy Agroconsult. Another reason for more sales is the approach of the window to buy more agricultural inputs for the next season. The consultancy also keeps estimating the total output in the country at 115 million metric tons and exports would reach 61 million metric tons with a roof of exports in the coming 30 to 60 days.

AgRural: Frost alert for Brazilian state of Paraná as second corn crop harvest starts

As the harvest is about to start in the southern state of Paraná in Brazil, there is a forecast of frost in the coming days, consultancy AgRural informed today (06.09). The surfaces in the western region of the state, the first to plant and harvest, are not ready yet for harvest. The frosts could potentially affect late planted areas in the state.

In the meantime, the harvest already advanced to 6.6 percent of the surface in the state of Mato Grosso, the largest producer of the cereal. There are problems reported with the quality of the grains leaving the state because of previous precipitations. In all other regions, the harvest has begun in just a few lots or even have not started yet.

Wheat planting delays in key producing region of Argentina

The Buenos Aires Cereal Exchange has reduced in 247,000 acres the planting estimate for wheat in Argentina. The reason is the delay of planting due to the excess of moisture in key producing regions of the country, like parts of Cordoba and the west of Buenos Aires. As of this Thursday (06.09), the planting reached 21.4 percent of the total surface calculated at 13.5 million acres. The total production increase compared to last year would be 7.8 percent.

By the harvest final stretch, record output projections are kept in Argentina

The harvest of soybeans has reached 90.6 percent of the surface this week in Argentina and the partial harvest has a volume collected of 52.8 million metric tons, according to the latest report of the Buenos Aires Cereal Exchange. The total output projection was maintained at 57.5 million metric tons. Now, the works are focused in the Southeast of the Buenos Aires province and in the Northern parts of the country.

For corn, a record crop of 39 million metric tons is expected by the Exchange. The harvest advanced in the week in 3.7 percentage points and 42 percent of the surface was harvested. The works are slow mostly due to the floods in several regions.

Soybean sales are slower than last year in Brazil, consultancy reveals

A report from the consultancy Céleres, based in Uberlandia ( state of Minas Gerais), reveals that the sales of soybeans in Brazil are delayed compared to the previous season. According to Céleres, the commercialization reached 59 percent of the total volume and is 12 percentage points delayed compared to the last year. The reason for that is that the prices offered for soybeans in the country are lower than those observed before the devaluation of the Real, they assess. The production output estimate was maintained by the consultancy at 113.8 million metric tons and the ending stocks of the current crop would be 8.8 million metric tons, which triple compared to the 2015/2016 season.

As second corn crop harvest starts, AgRural raises output estimate in Brazil

As the second corn crop harvest starts in at least four states, Curitiba consultacy AgRural has raised its output projection to 67.1 million metric tons – up from 63 .6 million metric tons a month ago. Therefore, if the estimate is accurate, total production in the country in 2017 would reach 97.8 million metric tons. Better yields are expected mostly in the state of Goiás. In Mato Grosso and Mato Grosso do Sul, the May rains would guarantee good yields and the harvest reached nearly one percent of the total surface.

Volume harvested of soybeans in Argentina already beats 50 MMT

The harvest of soybeans in Argentina reached this week 85.5 percent of the total surface and the volume collected is over 50 million metric tons, according to data released by the Buenos Aires Exchange. There was an advance of 5.9 percent in comparison to the previous week and the total production projection was maintained at 57.5 million metric tons. Losses related to the floods would be seen in the areas that could not be harvested yet.