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Brazil leads yield increase in the world, USDA says

A study authored by the United States Department of Agriculture revealed that Brazil has led the increase of agricultural yields considering a ranking of all countries in the world. From 2006 to 2010, the years that the survey accounted, agricultural productivity jumped 4.6 percent in the South American country. Brazil was followed in the list by China (3.25 percent), Chile (3.08 percent) and Japan (2.86 percent).

The greater advances in Brazil were seen in crops like rice, corn, soybeans, and wheat, but the study considers an average of all products. From 1975 to 2015, the average of productivity growth in the country was 3.58 percent on average per year.

Rice Knows In Mexico/U.S. Trade War Spat?

By Luís Vieira

A move announced recently by Mexican diplomats may be a precursor of what could be happening in the coming months with the trading of major commodities involving the country’s trade war talks with the U.S.

The Mexican ambassador in Brazil, Eleazar Velasco Navarro, promised that he would allow rice imports from the South American country in an agricultural fair in Rio Grande do Sul. Rice growers associations in Brazil already give the entrance to the Mexican market as certain and say that only a “a few details lack.”

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In the last state to harvest soybeans in Brazil, works are under 22% of surface

The southernmost state of Brazil, Rio Grande do Sul, is the last state in the country to start and finish harvesting soybeans in the country. Until today (03.24), the harvest of the oilseed has progressed to 22 percent of the surface planted, acording to the Rural Institute of Technical Assistance of Rio Grande do Sul. In one week, there was an advance of seven percentage points and the works are two percentage points comparing to a year ago. The good climate conditions have put 42 percent of the crop in maturation stage. In some regions, like in Ijui, the yields can be up to 10 percent higher than the average of previous years.

Record Soybean Crops Seen Coming From South America

The markets might be looking for a bullish factor for corn and soybeans in 2015. However, this bullishness will not come from South America this year.

The USDA forecast, this week, a record soybean production for Brazil in 2015/2016 at 97 million tons. This is contrary to what many expected.

Also, Brazil’s Agriculture and Livestock Minister, Kátia Abreu, announced that the 2015/2016 crop plan will have a total release of R$ 187.7 billion (US$ 60 billion) in funds to finance the season either in cost or investment. This is a jump of 20% compared to the previous year.

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Argentinean farmers claim for “freedom to work”

“The government lies”, said the president of Sociedad Rural Argentina

Strong criticism to the presidency of Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner was seen during the Rural Fair of Palermo in Buenos Aires at the event’s inauguration . Luis Miguel Etchevehere, president of Sociedad Rural Argentina, stated that the current Argentinean federal administration “has been characterized for the corruption”. He also asked for “freedom to work” for  president Kirchner. “The reality is much different of official announcements, which intend to sustain that a model that has failed with growing corruption and inefficiency. That’s why they lie about the management”, he said.

During the 23-minute speech, Etchevehere cited the fact that Latin America has multiplied its level of international investments in the last decade, while Argentina saw a record evasion of capital of US$ 85 million when Kirchner was in power. “We are without cows and without market. We lost 10 million heads. It is also responsibility of this government that we are currently thinking of importing wheat”,  declared the president of Sociedad Rural Argentina.

In 2013, Argentina registered a new fall of beef sales. The country exported a total 101,000 tons (or US$ 525 million) so far in the year, which is an average of 17,000 tons in the month. The monthly average in 2009 was 53,000 tons of meat. These figures were released this week by the Institute of Promotion of Argentine Beef.