Realizing that there is a growing interest for news about agriculture in South America, I’ve decided to create AgroSouth News. The idea of the website is to provide a professional content on all things related to agriculture. It is designed to an audience of farmers, agronomists, economists, consultants, journalists, investors and traders in the US and Canada. The vast majority of the coverage will be focused on grains.

My name is Luis Vieira and I’m the publisher of AgroSouth News, born and based in Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul. Since 2009, I’ve contributed with several US-based media outlets such as The Washington Times, Fox News Latino, Americas Quarterly, The New York Times and Succesful Farming Magazine. Also, since I started an internship at A Granja, a major agribusiness magazine in Brazil, I developed more interest for agricultural news. My work was published at Globo Rural, Terra Networks, Notícias Agrícolas and other local media outlets. My commitment is to provide enhanced and credible news through AgroSouthNews.

For press releases, interview requests or to report a mistake, feel free to get in touch:


Skype: luisvieiraperiodista

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